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Since 1998, Synolic® has created strategic alliances and employs specialists who apart from a sound academic background, they have a solid, practical, business, hands-on experience to handle effectively ad-hoc cases taking also into consideration the:
> peculiarities of the local market
> psychology of the people that operate in
> impact of the interplay of various changing forces in the industry

Strategic Alliances

Brings together proven business criteria with strategic knowledge and behavioral skills in order to support the growth and development of individuals and their organizations on multiple levels

A powerful peer group of business leaders and influencers who gather together to connect, support and inspire each other, so they may thrive and more effectively fulfil their individual core purposes

To create a context in which professionals of different backgrounds can develop fundamental and advanced NLP skills for applications relevant to their profession

TMS Development International (TMSDI) brings to learning and development professionals an integrated approach to personal, team and organisational performance.

Evaluating, interviewing and selecting the best professionals, talents and instructing their mindset education 

Our senior team & Consultants

Robert Dilts
Robert Dilts
Xavier Lee
Xavier Lee
Alexandra Efthimiadou
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Yanis Athanasopoulos

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