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Mindset education in action

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn”

Alvin Toffel

We work with, young entrepreneurs, professionals, C-Suite, intra-preneurial teams -depending on the context they face- to build the portfolio of mindset for resourcefulness and generativity in an environment of disruption, challenges & surprises.

Essential elements of our process include:

  • Understanding the key constituents of the thought process that lead to certain action by an individual, or a group, in order to reach a successful outcome
  • Tailor-cutting models and methodologies to include the missing piece in the equation of actions that lead from average to remarkable results


Master Mind Groups

A powerful peer group of leading professionals, influencers and experts, who gather and use their collective intelligence, exchange skills and experience in a systemic and structured way, to cope with challenges, hatch success models to more effectively fulfill their individual vision and core purposes, while they may create a lifelong growth connection

Specialized Group Dynamics Interventions

Working to identify the patterns of effectiveness and the route cause of ill-formed outcome conditions. The dynamics of groups are organized in a structured way, use systematic tools and reasoning models to collectively provide critical, solution-focused thinking, while creating a mindset of common sense to everyday practice

Individual Break Through Sessions

The way each one processes the information inside their mind, determines whether they struggle, or moderately succeed, or achieve levels of excellence, whether they win or lose in their ventures and roles. The difference often lies in small refinements in information processing. Innovative whole - brain approaches are employed to depict the structure of someone’s thinking frame, and reframe to new possibilities and resources.

Addressed to


For an enterprise that wants to have individuals to think as self-regulated units (intra-preneurs), to act as professionals, to decide, to adapt a solution based approach, to refine their roadmaps in pursuing their goals, to move with flexibility of thinking in an environment of uncertainty and reshuffle, adding value to the company's objectives

Entrepreneurs & Start-ups

Any professional, entrepreneur, who attempt new roles or ventures, needs to know, how to reshape their mindset in a constantly evolving environment, to create the conditions to accelerate with resourcefulness and increase the chances towards a more consistent path to growth & sustainability

Personal Paradigm Shift

Any person who needs to explore own critical success factors, synthesize them to generativity, to cross thresholds, re-create quality of thinking and expand their possibilities to new paradigms

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