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Success Factor Modeling

Driving and changing the way business is done

The SFM™ presents strategies used by the greatest geniuses throughout history and ways to adopt and incorporate them.

The new generation of entrepreneurship (for new & traditional organizations) is driving and changing the way business is done and paving the way to both our social and economic future. In other words, next generation entrepreneurship involves creating a world to which people want to belong and perform.

The researcher and author Robert Dilts studied and revealed the critical success factors -Success Factor Modeling™- which enable individuals to develop the confidence, competence, and resources necessary to contribute to a better world through projects and businesses and entrepreneurial roles.

The basic premise of the SFM™ is ‘success has been modelled’. Imagine being able to understand and intergrate the mindset and strategies of Jobs, Branson, Mask, Disney, DaVinci, Tesla. The methodology provides for roadmaps and critical success factors needed to contribute to entrepreneurial plans, connected to own vision, mission, values & strategies.


Important note:
Synolic® is officially an authorized partner & cooperator of Dilts Strategy Group -Success Factor Modeling™ applications worldwide