SFM (TM) Signature Class

What the bleep is different in the mind of Musk, Jobs, Bezos, Branson and they are considered game changers?

The answer is given by the American Robert Dilts, creator of the world-famous pioneering approach, Success Factor Modeling (SFM™) which is applied by top global organizations, knowing how to accelerate success in a fast-moving world.

Robert Dilts, an internationally renowned entrepreneur consultant, expert in the study of Genious Thinking, will present the SFM™ for the first time in Greece in the unique 2-day Signature Class:


the difference that makes the difference


Date & time

February 07 & 08,  2018
13.00 – 19.00



Athens Concert Hall (Μέγαρο Μουσικής)
Lilian Voudouri library


What is SFM™

With an attitude of curiosity as to “what makes some people excel compared to others” Dilts studied the mechanics of mindset of genius, successful, inspiring and outstanding individuals all around the world. He started analyzing the genius thinking of figures like Aristotle, Mozart, Nikola Tesla, Einstein, Freud, Martin Luther King, Walt Disney. He further continued by modeling hundreds of successful next-generation entrepreneurs and leaders, among them: Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson.

He identified the critical patterns —the difference that makes the difference— of their genius and inspiring mindset, that led them not only to achieve personal ambitions & professional goals, but also to bring about game-changing advancements; transforming the way we live and do business and our social and economic future. The result was the development of his pioneering approach SFM™ based on the premise “success can been modeled.”


What makes SFM™ unique

SFM™ is not a “one-size-fits-all” success recipe. Though you can find all types of methodologies that provide professionals with effective business strategies, there were no methodologies for the mechanics of mindset. This is what makes SFM™ totally unique. Initially applied in new generation companies, start-uppers and professionals looking for new meaning, due to its great success, it quickly expanded and covered a wider range of challenges, needs and applications and spread around the world.


The Signature Class is addressed to

New generation entrepreneurs and start-uppers who will be provided with important principles and guidelines to accelerate success:

  • Heads of Organizations who are seeking to develop collective intelligence, re-evaluate and bridge current patterns with new-generation methodologies.
  • Senior management teams, interested in increasing resourcefulness and generativity with cutting edge practices.
  • Professionals and individuals who want to succeed in shifting to new business and life paradigms.


Robert Dilts, developer of the SFM™ approach, will present

How the genius and inspiring mindset is built up and will offer a roadmap to transfer and apply this knowledge to all those interested to:

  • Explore own critical success qualities
  • Synthesize them to generativity and innovative thinking
  • Create the conditions needed to accelerate with resourcefulness and increase the chances towards a more consistent success pathway in the context of :
    • ventures
    • new roles
    • projects core purposes


Robert Dilts – a professional sketch

Robert Dilts, a leading expert on Genius thinking, is one of the world’s foremost developers of unique approaches in innovation, leadership and success. An internationally renowned entrepreneur-consultant, he developed the pioneering approach SFM™ and has written numerous books including Strategies of Genius and the trilogy of SFM™ Next Generation Entrepreneurs, Generative Collaboration and Conscious Leadership and Resilience”.


Clients include

Microsoft, World Bank Group, Fiat Group, IBM Europe, State Railway of Italy, National Health Group of Singapore, AT Kearney, International Planned Parenthood Federation European Network, Hewlett Packard, American Express, EY, Xerox, Merrill Lynch, Lucasfilms, The University of Miami School of Medicine


under the auspices of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce 

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Robert Dilts’ full CV

Watch Robert talking about the SFMTM SignatureClass

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